Thursday, June 15, 2006

Communication update 15 June

Well a lot of action here today. We have had communication from two camps, namely Daughter Z and Brother M.

Daughter Z: Contacted via mobile using SMS, asking if she could borrow money as she doesn’t have any left. I asked why she did not ask the boyfriend to help her out she answered “He has to pay rent, his mobile and petrol”. I am telling you she will go far…

Brother M: Called this morning on his mobile, left Vienna this morning for a holiday back home in Sweden, and he thought of me, decided to call and share some brotherly love??? No, “Could I check on the internet which petrol stations take his BP fuel card in Germany, as there are no BP fuel stations!!!!”

He did however call later to say that he stopped at an Autobahn Rastplatz and on entering the café he was met in a colour of red…namely Paraguayan football fans on their way to the Sweden – Paraguay game. Not a place he felt inclined to advise them all that he was Swedish…coward!!!


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