Tuesday, June 13, 2006


It is time to get a bit personal, so I apologise to all of those of you who do no know who I am or what my family setup is so in the spirit of decency I will use code names for all of my family members…

Background: We have a very good communication setup in our family; we live in three European countries and speak every week. Last week I had rubbish “conversation” with my daughter via text (sms) and based on that I decided to start an “experiment”. I am getting a bit annoyed that I am the “Communicator of the family” and I have decided that I have now had enough of being the “Communicator Instigator” so from today I will not call anyone (in the list below, unless in an emergency of course, I am not a moron, or if Sweden win the World Cup, when I will need to share my happiness with someone Swedish...my wife English).

Just to get you view of what communication devices are available and fully active, plus the family members involved…they are as follows:

Me: 2 landlines, Mobile phone, Skype, MSN, Facsimile and email
Daughter Z: Mobile, MSN
Brother T: 1 landline, Skype
Brother M: 1 Landline, Skype, Mobile
Brother C: 1 Landline, Mobile, Skype
Mum and Dad E. 1 Landline, 1 Mobile

Now this is not going to be a scientific test where we peddle the results in how breakdown in family communication is the denominating factor why we are better one another this is only going to be a test about who calls who and why…

Background update:

Daughter Z: Just moved in with the boyfriend and communication is bad (mum is really upset).
Brother T: Just moved to a new job and is between company mobiles emails and who is paying for it all.
Brother M: Accepted my contract negotiations and is stressed at work, normally calls when stuck in traffic.
Brother C: New baby and work is putting a strain on communications access calls when he needs a new recipe for the BBQ.
Mum and Dad E: Mum knows how the phone works but waits for us to call. Dad waits as well and should ask to use the phone (needs help with dialling and but once on the phone is a treat and I miss the fact to hear “Your dad is on the phone….

Communication…What is that all about?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this blog merely a distraction from Sweden's dismal display over the weekend? I think we should be told. JDW

Tuesday, 13 June, 2006  

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