Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cross of St George

I cant really let this go as it is starting to irritate me so much…The world has gone mad…it is now official!! Mr Plod aka Clive Wolfendale, (English by birth), The Deputy chief constable of North Wales Police Force has been interviewed and put out a statement, “England Fans flying the flag on their cars could antagonise Welsh fans”. Isn’t that a bit like saying - Volvo car fans are antagonised by seeing Saabs driven around. What an absolute piece of s**t!!!

How come these high powered public servants are such a bunch of pratts, where do find them? Is there a special breeding programme going on, do people honestly believe that seeing an English flag on a car is, according to Mr Plod, “precursor to behaviour which is violence, racism and hooliganism of the very worse kind”.

I agree that if you are out in Cardiff a Saturday Night, a few drinks under the belt, dressed in the English team outfit, walking into a pub possibly called the Red Dragon home of Wales football shouting the “Welsh are Crap” after they’ve take a humiliating beating by England 5 – 0, then you should expect some type of problems. But then on the other hand if you are that stupid you should not be out in the first place. You should be working on you exams to become Police Chief in the secret breeding programme… What is all that about?


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