Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Guarantee of Crap Craftsmanship

I recently purchased a lawnmower, a petrol-driven one so I can do the edges and corners where my ride-on mower is too big. You see I have a Stihl-strimmer, petrol-driven as I would need an electricity cable longer than 500 metres to cover my grounds, but this does not do the job as quickly and neatly as I want, and before you start it is not down to the operator. So I set off to one of large DIY chains to look at a particular mower more than adequate to do the job. Priced at some £100 this is an expense which is not taken lightly so after research, I bought this neatly packaged, never used, push not self propelled, shiny green and blue 3.5hp marvel. Got it in the car home and unpacked…cool all I need to do is to fix the folding handle add oil, petrol and off we go.
It started not so well with the handle screws which were like plastic taps cracking and falling apart in my hands…well I though I got plenty of screws in the garage so two new fitted and off we went. The mower cut nicely and did the job, just as it “says on the tin”. A week later time again for this marvel to have a run and what happened? Two wheels fell off…Called the service number in the instruction book to be told “The model is too new so we don’t parts for it yet”, “take it back to the store and change it”. Fine…If you don’t have parts, how did you build the bloody thing??? I returned the mower as instructed and got a full refund, no way was I going to take that thing home again what will happen next time? The engine falls off?
So here we are three weeks later and we had to go to London for the day, on our return a little card is in the porch advising us that a parcel to big to fit in the letter box was delivered so please call this number to arrange redelivery (no this is not the scam about parcels delivered, which you call up and get fleeced on a premium number). So I spent best part of Monday morning trying to get through to the post office…Is everyone at the post office incapable of answering phones or is that illegal due to health and safety? On Tuesday, I was trying again only this time on my mobile as the power went and my phones won’t work without power. Someone with English skills far less than a three year old answered (he was hired because he known how to answer the phone but they forgot to ask him of he could speak). Today, my unexpected parcel arrived, no note, no sender address, no packing slip, no nothing apart from two used, slightly damaged wheels which would not have fitted my mower, which in any case was back at the store…What is that all about?


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