Monday, June 19, 2006

It must have been very difficult being a camera man in the Friday game between Holland and the Ivory Coast. You would be faced with a dilemma; do I film the action or the 1000 fans watching the game in the underpants?
If you have yet to catch up on this story it is where a commercial decision gives you global coverage unintentionally. Bavaria brewery created Lowenhosen, combination of the Dutch Lion and Von Trapp style German Lederhosen, all in Orange, of course, with a fitted Lions Tail. What in the world could be offending to the officials who asked “Lowenhosen-wearing-fans” to strip down to their underpants, in order to get into the game?

You see it also had the name of the brewery printed on them and of course since it might have offended Budweiser, the official sponsor, they were asked to strip or miss the game…

I bet you anything that there is laughter and a lot of smiley marketing faces at the Bavaria Brewery this morning…they can’t believe their luck. And next big sporting event sponsored by Budweiser will see rows of half baked nude fans, who’s been told to strip all in the name of corporate sponsorship…who needs football just film the crowd…What is that all about?


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