Wednesday, June 07, 2006


You know what? I like the environment and I like the word “green” especially now since it is cool to be green, no offence Mr. Cameron it was not you that made it cool. We don’t need to have woolly jumpers, beards with braids in them and wipe our “botties” on yesterdays Telegraph or Sun (there will be Daily Mail readers saying that it is the best paper as the ink does not smudge). It is also much easier to be green nowadays since local government has had their wrists slapped by those in government, who had their wrested slapped by those in Brussels, who had their wrists tied to a blond in a club paid for by someone rich in recycling and just happened to have some photos taken at the right moment...
So all we have to do is to fill our boxes with the recyclable material that should not go to into landfills. The idea is simple, reuse, recycle and then we save planet, and to be honest, it does make you feel good to say…”I did save the planet…!!! Now, so far so good. The curtain twitching is now more aggressive than ever, neighbours are spying on each other telling tales “I saw Mr Jones put a bottle in the bin”…”No he never…” and so on…So what happens to our wonderful efforts, BTW, we are only just starting to catch up with what Sweden and the US, has been doing for years. Well to start with I am paying £26 for a “brown bin” (that is the colour of the bin, in which I can only put green things…makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it…The bloke from the post office, who can answer a phone but not speak designed the colour scheme before they found out that he is colour blind…) and the idea is that the council (who also takes £200 a month form me, for the library, police, waste disposal and so forth) will come around every two weeks and empty the boxes (green, the colour where I put glass, metal and paper) and the brown bin (the green stuff…keep up). When they eventually turn up there will be nothing to pick up…the brown bin with the green stuff have turned to compost and the green bin with the brown stuff has turned it to unusable paper, the bottles are homes to ants and bees…but then eventually when they do arrive what do they do? They empty contents into a black bin liner which is then taken to a processing plant packed and shipped to China, where they convert the plastic to pellets sent it back to us to make bottles and other plastic items like black bin bags in which we can have our recycled material put in…What is that all about?


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