Monday, June 12, 2006

So the world isn’t mad after all…

What did we do before the world invented Health and Safety or The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents? I tell you what we did…We drank water direct from the garden hose, we climbed trees, played with bows and arrows, shot stones with catapults and picked apples from the trees and eat them. We went to school by foot and by bicycles, fell off, scraped a knee, bled, cried a bit and a nice lady put a plaster on our knee. We had knives which we used to carve sticks into spikes and those kids that were good at it, played football and guess what…sometimes they got hurt, sometimes they were picked for the team and sometimes they were not…character building you could say.
Most of you sane people out there will say “I do remember that and I do agree with you…but today’s society is filled with weirdoes so you must look after your kids… can’t let them out of you sight and so on”. I am sorry but I don’t agree…most weirdoes are other parents who will sue you because your kid hit a football at their kid…or when your kid fell off his bike no parent will assist, just in case they get sued by you. It is a vicious cycle. But now there is someone fighting back. Hats off to Gonn Iggulden and Hal Iggulden the authors of a book entitled “The Dangerous Book for Boys”!!! It is on the best seller list and I hope that parents are buying it because they want their kids to have the pleasure of falling out of a tree, it will do you good, just look at Keith Richards…he fell out of a coconut tree and as far as I know isn’t suing anyone…what an example to mankind that is…

Seriously we need to get the kids out of the Nintendo, play station, cable TV infested bedrooms and get them to fall out of a coconut tree. I have friends who has never hit their thumb with a hammer, never broken a window with a ball, or fallen of a bike…how is that possible??? The Royal Society for The Prevention of Accidents (I am not kidding it does exist) wants to earmark £124,000,000 of lottery money to create playgrounds where there is a “controlled risk”…what is that all about?


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