Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stupid Swedish MAN!!!!

Ättekulla, Helsingborg, Sweden 15th of June, 2006 approx 16.34:
It is not often that I report about news items that are just there and stupid but today a new record was set in Swedish stupidity (I write this before we play Paraguay). Imagine…You are on your lunch break, you see you car stolen so you would think you would call the police…No Way Jose, you climb into the trunk (the boot) and from this excellent position you call the police. When the car goes over a railway line the boot flies up and down again with such a force so it locks…you are now trapped in the boot of your own car driven by someone, who could be an insane killer, a vegetarian with an issue, fossil fuel glue sniffer or of course just someone wanting to trap people in the boot of stolen cars. So Mr. Plod sets out to chase the stolen vehicle with you in the boot. Clever!
The latest news on this story is that the car has been recovered; the boot of the car had to be broken into by the police to release the trapped owner as the car thieves had legged it and are now hunted by police on foot with dog patrols.
This guy deserves a Darwin award for stupidity. Is a car worth dying for and will it now increase his insurance premium??? I will let you know what make of the car it was…


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