Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The World Cup

So here we go...The test is starting in a couple of days and we are so pleased that it is. This lead up to the WC is getting extremely silly, the British press have made the England team Champions already, however GOD HELP YOU, if you are caught flying the flag...Now, we have seen in other countries where the flag is flown the pride that people take in belonging to something or someone, especially when a World Cup or other sporting event is going on. Where I come from, Sweden we are proud to have a our flag flying at national and personal events. It might even help you to remember that it is someone’s birthday when you see the flag flying…note that there has been stories of people flying the flag when it is not their birthday just in order to get visitors…
In England, I am leaving Wales and Scotland out of this, it is a hideous crime to fly the St Georges Cross or to identify yourself with being English, I will therefore fly the English flag on those days when England is playing and proudly fly the Swedish flag on those days when Sweden (and of course when they play England, Sven-Goran Eriksson might take pride that in a small corner of England the Swedish flag will fly) are playing fly the blue and yellow with pride. I will also like to see all people getting proper flags and flagpoles and defy the silliness of political correctness and take back what belongs to the people, namely the right to fly the flag. Is some jumped up “little-know-nothing” is going to tell us weather we can fly the flag or not…What is that all about?


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