Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cable TV Blackout update…

Just a quickie as they say…Police and Telewest announced today that they have arrested a person for the suspicion of hacking through three mainframe fibre optics, which shut down the England Ecuador game…No news yet about who or whom was representing, lets start guessing;

• Disgruntled employer?
• Sky TV employee?
• Sky TV hired cable saboteur?
• Disgruntled football fan (with an insider knowledge where the mainframe fibre optics are???)
• Cricket fan?
• Wimbledon fan?
• Nutcase?

Let me know what you think?


Anonymous Red Arrow said...

My guess is Svennis, or at least his goons back home. This was an ideal opportunity for him to deny all those in-bred, flag-flying West Country folks the chance to watch us lose to those - er, in-bred flag-flying ..

Demand compensation! Migrate to another provider! Pay friends for a tape of that milestone match!

Wednesday, 05 July, 2006  

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