Monday, July 03, 2006

Mr Ericson Honoured...

Finally, after years of hard work, my achievements in the media industry have been recognised. I have finally received the accolade, which so many other hard working media people have already received, Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of BBC’s Top Gear, for instance received his from Brunel University. So who has recognised me for an Honorary Doctorate…London School of Economics? Bournemouth University? Or even Ängelholm College in Sweden???

I’ll tell you…Nectar Points Card that’s who. To them I am now Dr. Ericson a title I shall cherish…


Blogger Red Arrow said...

Doctor, Doctor - My Dalek has gone all floppy since Billy said she was leaving me.

Make sure you inseminate her before she goes, then!!

Monday, 03 July, 2006  

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