Monday, July 03, 2006

Svennis...What now?

Well we could not leave it out, it had to be said…England out of the World Cup 2006. Eriksson leaves without even getting past the quarter finals in any tournament he was in charge. Now for me to sit here and criticize a fellow namesake Swede is not easy, but I will…

Firstly I don’t care who Svennis had a fling with. Faria, Ulrika or the whole bloody team of Wags and secondly I don’t give a toss about him speaking to fake sheiks, it was and is part of the job, which McLaren will find out soon, now that he is charge.

Sven-Göran Eriksson or ”Svennis” as he is know to us Swedes, is a great club manager and I feel that whilst he failed to bring home the “Holy Grail” he did a pretty good job in getting England together as a Team. The major problem was not his selection of players, but his tinkering with well known formats. The English looked like a bunch of amateurs out on that pitch for most of the World Cup. The players did not seem to fit into the system Svennis wanted and for that he should take the blame.

He should also take the blame for not informing his squad about the new rules like “You will be sent of if you stamp on someone’s tomatoes” and also if you push a player in front of the referee. You also will be sent off if you turn up in a swimsuit and start diving in the penalty area, like the Italians, Portuguese and now The French…They are just too ridiculous to watch.

Svennis should also take the blame for not telling his players, “go flat out and score a bloody goal as quickly as possible hopefully within 90 minutes of play, because we are crap at penalties”.

We need some passion from the English…this is great nation which conquered half of the world for heavens sake….

Let’s just hope that Svennis does not turn up as the new Swedish Team manager….


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