Thursday, July 13, 2006

Time to boot FIFA...

So, the World Cup is over and as always with a huge amount of controversy. Having been involved at the heart of English football and listened to the debate some 10 years ago, which incidentally is still ongoing, I personally cannot understand why FIFA won’t get off their “Fat Incredible Flatulent Arse” and do something about it.
The public, which follows the sport of football in the capacity of tickets, television subscription, and replica shirts a business estimated to be in the region of $250,000,000,000 ($250 billion) should start asking to get value for money. What is it that irritates me so much, you might ask? Well I’ll tell you…

Italy – I don’t know what it is…perhaps boys spend more time with their mothers at home playing with dolls than with their fathers learning to build things, climb trees, falling over, bleeding and do things men do…They must be thought from a very early stage to dive and cry, get sympathy from mum and later from women... Is that why Italy is known for fashion, handbags, leather goods and not for engineering and big manly things. Is that also why they have had some 60 governments since the end of WWII? Each time things don’t go their way, like babies they throw themselves down and cry…They should be forced to play football in girlie bikinis so they could dive as much as they want.

Referees – Here’s the big debate. You have four blokes, on one the pitch, one on each side line and one bloke sitting somewhere looking at the game, to cover 22 players, 1 ball on 13,000 square yards of grass…It is therefore inevitable that they, being human beings, partial, unfit, and sometimes just slow, will miss something out there every now and then…Why will not Sepp and Lennart plus the other groups decide that from now on we will introduce a video referee for all those important decisions, like penalties and free kicks????
Ice Hockey known in sport terms as the fastest game around did just that a 15 years ago. Important decision was looked in slow motion and the ref was informed via an earpiece what the outcome was and subsequent decision was retracted and or stayed…simple effective and fair…
FIFA says that introducing video referee will slow down the game????

How is that possible… when players, mostly Italian, who were not touched throw themselves on the ground holding their leg rubbing a fictional injury and then takes 2 minutes to get up, by which time I have seen the replay in High Definition in my living room, have had time to get a cold beer from my fridge, call the stadium in Berlin who could have sent a runner down to the pitch informed the ref who would then send the offending Azzurri player packing…

The rules will have to be changed in order for the game to progress. We need to get rid of the cheats, the divers, the racists and unsportsmanlike conduct from football…these players are being paid obscene amounts and for that I expect to see top football players play football nothing else….
And if you don’t make it as an Italian footballer you can always get into ballet or synchronised swimming, more suitable for Italians...


Anonymous red arrow said...

Bravo! Ma non avete accennato come depositano tradizionalmente i
vecchi segni: ambushing la squadra avversaria (questo è il commercio
giusto, capite) e sparandoli nell'anima fredda mentre mangiano i
oodles delle tagliatelle, della pasta e del pesto. Il Mafiosi (e chi
sa, il Tifosi?) abbia mólto rispondere a per nello sport italiano in
modo da interamente non sta gridando sull'armi
grassoccia del mamma. RA.

For those monoglots, translated as:
Bravo! But you didn't mention how they traditionally settle old scores: by ambushing the opposing team (this is just business, you understand) and shooting them in cold blood while they eat oodles of noodles, pasta and pesto. The Mafiosi (and who knows, the Tifosi?) have a lot to answer for in italian sport so it's not all crying on mamma's plump arms.

Thursday, 13 July, 2006  

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