Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mr Bush, Mr Blair, Mr Mitterand and Mr Persson…Mr Persson who is Mr Persson?

It is so depressing that we have now reached a stage in politics where the people who decide to run for office do not come from a “normal” environment where they have been through real life issues, such as mortgage, jobs, falling over and breaking a leg at a ski slope or just having a tough time…We need people in government with a not just political clout but also with human clout…

Look at the political leaders around the world, Clinton was probably the first, Blair is one and so is Bush. These guys are professional politicians without any credentials or work experience.

Their CV only says;

Employment history
Birth – Present Politician…

They have been groomed to take public office since their days ended in school. A person who comes from a normal background, with great credentials in the business world would not stand a chance, because they would have a past, something which politicians don’t have.

This is a dangerous trend which is creating a segregated society...those who live in the political world and those who live in the real world. Unfortunately for us, the politicians dream up solutions to problems which does not exist and this makes it difficult for us pure mortals to deal with.

One of those politicians, is the “World Famous” Göran Persson…well if you are from Vingåker, in Sweden he is…Currently he is the sitting Swedish Prime Minster and who cares...

Here is a guy, who studied, then directly after the studies finished, he ended up as Leader of Labour Party’s youth organisation in Sweden, then 10 years ago he became the Swedish Prime Minster. Not a day’s honest work since his birth in 1949.

The guy believes in commitments... he has been married three times. The latest Mrs Persson is the head of the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly, Systembolaget (see systembolaget article) who incidentally he got to know closely because she was accused, together with the rest of the politicians who run Systembolaget for taking bribes…cosy, don’t you think?

So is this guy a good guy? Well he is just like anyone else in the same position, he is there because it is is the only thing he can do and there are so many perks that go with the job. How can it be possible that someone like him can stay in power for so long and still be it because the other parties cannot throw a candidate in the ring?

This is a guy who has said the following, and I quote:

"I studied chemistry and technology at high school, so I understand what nuclear power's about."

"It is very striking what political stability can do for economic development when you look at China".

A statement about one-party state North Korea: "We have to accept the constitution that they have agreed on."

Only one thing he has said I would agree on and that was:

"I don't lead the world's most brilliant government. The cabinet ministers are not the cream of the intellectual elite, and we're not particularly pretty either."

In another statement this week from his holiday residence, he told the press that he had nightmares and was worried about being assassinated. I am not so sure that he should worry that much, even though there has been two political murders in Sweden, by cranks, in the last 30 years.

Firstly, in order for you to be in danger of assassination you will need to be famous, so Mr Persson would not be in that category as no one knows who the hell he is.

Secondly, you will need to do something really bad, like launching a war based on unfounded evidence, and Mr Persson has not done that, in fact he has done nothing for that matter.

Thirdly, you will need to mix with people from the real world, not just the political world, which he doesn’t so in light of this it would be safe to say that he is going to be fine.

When a Prime Minster from some tin pot country comes to visit Mr Blair at 10 Downing Street, we normally hear or read about it in the British press apart from when Mr Persson comes to visit…then we hear nothing…not a pipsqueak…it is like the guy does not exist.

Is this why Sweden only exports 6.6% of their total export to the UK, with the US, Denmark, Germany and Norway being ahead of the UK?

So where do we go from here, well since there is no opposition we will have to endure, people like him. He is not there because he is smart, because he has worked hard or because he is excellent in world affairs, he is there because no one else is...that is the sad thing....


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