Thursday, August 24, 2006

Murder most horrid...

We have accepted that the European Union can be a good thing for trade, free movement of people, no long delays at borders and so on. The ability to uproot from your country and move to a new one is far easier than in the days when I arrived in the UK. Sweden had not joined the EU and I had to queue with the aliens when arriving at Heathrow. I also had to apply for a residence visa in order to stay in the country. Today this has been much easier, and a lot of good has been brought by it, but in an unsuspecting little corner of Sweden it has brought nothing but misery…

The EU politicians must have some form of system in place to track who is where and find them should they be needed in any form of questioning. This happened to me when I arrived here, I received a phone call at work being politely asked to come to the Swedish Embassy to meet with the Swedish Fraud Police…I became a bit nervous as I had NO idea what it was all about…had I not paid my phone bill in Sweden, did I owe the landlord rent? Would they send the Serious Fraud Squad to the UK to interview me for a £25.00 unpaid rent? As it turned out my previous boss in Sweden had used my name, when I moved over to the UK in order to embezzle money using a scheme of shell companies. This was all done together with the Bank Manager and whilst he, my ex boss, was lapping up the sunshine in the Cayman Islands, I was asked by some stern police officers what I had done with the £5M which was missing…It all came to an end when they noticed that the paperwork was not in order and even my name was misspelled on the directorships I had…whilst they suspected that I had no involvement they needed to have it confirmed by me and this was duly done…the point of this is that they were able to find me, get the paperwork in place and haul me into the embassy for questioning.

What has this to do with a murder most horrid?…Today we have tracking devices, computer systems, credit card controls, CCTV’s you mention it and we have it. You cannot move and inch without leaving a digital trace on a daily basis.

Our story starts in 1999 when a Mr Branimir, then serving a 20 prison sentence in Serbia, for murdering his mother in law, OK I know guys out there which would not see this as a crime, escaped and made his way to Sweden. Mr Branimir was duly put on Interpol’s most wanted list.

Even though being a wanted man he managed to get a Swedish driving licence, marry, get a job and pay taxes in Sweden completely openly. The Swedish Police had plenty of information about this man…not just what he looked like, but useful information such as, his home address, his work address and they had information that he regularly came to a post office to pick up his post…like clockwork…

The Serbian authorities were now “begging” the Swedish police to pick him up, they even provided them with Mr Branimir’s mobile phone number, so that they could track him through that. This would be a piece of cake, you think, that know where he is, where he lives and where he works, they could even have called him and told him he won a price, like a one way flight to Serbia…

The Swedish police failed and it would have dire consequences for a farmer, Mr Rolf Nilsson who together with his girlfriend ran a small holding in Esbjörnamåla, Tingsryd, Sweden.

A “friend” of Mr Branimir, also a Serbian, arrived from Italy where he has residence visa, to collect a debt from Mr Branimir, who at the time was a bit short on cash. So the guys went to Mr Rolf Nilsson, the farmer, whom Mr Branimir had rented a cottage from previously. They broke in to the farm house tied Mr Nilsson, the farmer, to chair and spent three hours torturing him. Mr Nilsson died age 52 that evening.

The pair then took his car some jewellery and proceeded to flee the country. They were duly caught by the police and were arrested, charged and after a two years trial sentenced to 9 years in prison, which they will now serve in Serbia.

An investigation into the Swedish police force conduct was launched, why they had not acted earlier when they had so much information about Mr Branimir’s whereabouts? All police involved were cleared of any wrongdoing…

So in today’s society with our digital prints being left all over the place, if you are a hardened criminal, it seems to me that the safest place to be is Sweden


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