Thursday, August 17, 2006

Talent? What talent?

No wonder that Allen had to leave ITV the flagship terrestrial and commercial channel in the UK. Had he not gone by his own accord I am sure that we would have seen people setting up camp outside their offices demanding his resignation. Who would those people be, you might ask? Well I’ll tell you…men in their 30s – 50s who has been so fed up with the programming that he puts on his rubbish channel which hogs the television for two hours every night. Well if it hogs the television every night then it must be successful…sorry NO. Successful television is a combination of wit, clever programming, increased viewers and then advertisers which will follow and provide the revenues that is why it is called commercial television.

So what is then going on and why did he have to go?

For starters he lost some of the most clever programmers when he decided that talent on television consisted of people like Sophie Anderton, Lee “something soap actor”, a winner of Big Brother and so on…

These brain numbing wannabe’s have not enough talent between them to string a sentence together and we are now force-fed this so called “reality” television each night. Then there are the other programmes, kids which drive mum and dad mad…what about driving the poor viewer mad? This sickly insight into peoples lives is nothing more than what the Sun and News of the World do and to say that people like it would be to say, ITV is now a commercial success and viewers are not abandon it in droves…

Digital television allows you to provide the viewer choice, tapping into the various aspects of society and letting everyone decide what they want to watch…unfortunately in order to do that you will need to build the brand first and provide it with a cash flow, normally generated from the prime channel you own, in this case ITV1. When you start playing with this channel you loose viewers, loose advertising revenues and if you loose advertising revenues you loose the ability to compete with the likes of BBC and Sky and in some cases Channel 4.

So we have ITV Play, ITV 2 which is more of the same

There are celebrities in he UK, which are celebrities because they have worked hard, they are talented and they are being snapped up by the competition, this leaves ITV having to call around and see who is available, what do they do at ITV, turn up at a Loaded launch party see who is there and sign them in droves…When did Loaded become a benchmark for talent in this country?

So at the moment all multi channels, whether supplied via satellite or cable are gleaming with joy…more cash for them until a new direction is sorted out for ITV…


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