Monday, September 18, 2006

No Pirates on my watch...

So there we are, the Swedes went to the voting booths in their thousands, in fact numbers indicate that 80% of eligible voters cast their vote...I wonder if Sven Göran Eriksson voted? The result, which followed was not really a surprise to anyone, well apart to some Social Democratic party workers, they are always disappointed, win or loose. Final result; the left had to make way to the right...dont say "I told you so"....well I did.…

The Prime Minster of Sweden resigned both as Prime Minster and leader of the Social Democratic Party, things to come for Mr Blair I presume...New Prime Minster in Sweden is Fredrik Reinfeldt (see picture left), the 41 year old leader of New Moderate, that is Tories to you and me.…All he needs to do now is to ensure that he gets his four parties together around the table, decide who will be doing what and get on with the job, a piece of cake if you ask me.

What is a little baffling is how the Swedes could have been so unfair and so unloyal to Mr Persson the former PM and his party, nothing to do with him getting hitched with a woman who was in charge of the monopoly off licence and accused of taking be his charisma.

For starters, Sweden has the lowest unemployment in Europe. They have the highest welfare and their economy is better than they anticipated and projected. Taking all this into account and the fact that the Social Democrats have governed Sweden for a decade, apart from a 10 year break when the pipe smoking farmer in dungarees, flat cap and photo opportunities with him, clearing a field using a scythe, were the norm, they perhaps got a bit too relaxed about the whole thing...Or was it about the golden handshake which they get if they are kicked out of their job...they will keep their salary for a year then a nice pensions at retirement they will really not be the losers after all.…

What about all of our friends in the "Vote for me as I am a fruitcake and your vote will be wasted" - category? I mentioned those parties in an earlier article because they really got some coverage in the press and they did go out and said that they would be the ones who would be negotiating today about forming a government. Well you will be pleased that the Swedes aren't that stupid, so they didn't buy into the hype and with the results now in I can let you know how they managed;

Swedish Democracy Party, neo Nazi sort of setup - total votes in the election 46,595 (why is it that guys like that always do well???
Feministic Initiative, women Lib with help from Jane Fonda, who visited and gave her support - 15,914
Pirate Party, free music and downloads, not enough free votes though - 10,775
June List, just wacko - 7,388
Hospital Party, the name says it all - 2,657
Unity Party, spread some love in politics - 8,740
Unique Party, Big brother contestant now in (or perhaps were in) politics - 76 votes

Considering that he did not run a campaign, did not pay for advertising, did not appear on television or radio, Donald Duck managed to get 41 votes...

So there we have it...Sweden did come to their senses, voted for a proper party and not the clown is a bit of a shame because it would have been fun following the development...

Photo © Peter Knutson


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