Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Culture Mister who doesn’t pay for culture…

It didn’t take very long before the new Swedish government faced an embarrassing appointment. It must be difficult to find people who have been in opposition for a long time that still has their nose clean. No not cocaine this was something more embarrassing.

The new Prime Minster has just been sworn in and he is setting out to form his new cabinet. At this time you have to start to remember all of those friends who have supported you in thick and thin and give them cosy jobs in your cabinet. This is probably how the appointment of the new Swedish Culture Minster was made.

Mrs Cecilia Stegö Chilò is now going to be in charge of everything to do with culture in Sweden, including the public funded, Swedish Television and Radio (SVT). You see SVT work on the same system as the BBC, it collects licence fees from the public, from which it funds its television and radio channels. The fee is compulsory for anyone who has a television set.

Now would it therefore surprise you that the new Culture Minster Cecilia Stegö Chilò has been dodging the licence fee for 15 years???

Does it not help that her husband went down to the post office to pay the fee on the morning she was announced to take over as Culture Minster?

No…that cannot be right and she is still getting the job?

Yep she will now be in charge of the white paper which stipulates what the licence fee will be in the future. Looks like Swedish Television will have to commercial then...

So is the new Swedish Government is taking over where the last one left it…don’t do as I do just do as I say…

However she should have read the copy of spectator which is behind her in the picture. The front cover shows David Blunkett and one phone call to him would enlighten her about the pitfalls in politics...

It didn’t stop there…The New Trade and Industry Minster, Maria Borelius who during the 1990’s had an income, together with her husband of £1,000,000 has paid for a nanny without paying fees and taxes…Great start for the new government…

Update 23.57 (BST), 11 October, 2006. Since I posted the above story, three newly appointed Ministers in the Swedish Government has been reported to the police for avoiding to pay their television license, whilst I try my best not to deceive you it is sometimes hard to keep up in these fast moving times.


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