Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lingonberry blues...

Today was a good day. I noticed that the lingonberries are flowering and whilst it will take us a long time to get a harvest big enough to make our own lingonberry jam it was good to see that we might be the first in the Cotswolds with flowering lingonberries.

It was a very bad day for everyone who has an elderly parent or a grand parent who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, as we today were told that the £2.50 cost of the daily tablets, which is helping 1000’s of sufferers are no longer going to be made available.

I cannot understand how these stories get out in the press and who in the government allows them to get out, as it is just incredible. Two days ago we were told that Mr Rapist and Mr Burglar from a country outside the European Union, is to be offered some £2,500 to go home after they served their sentence in the UK. This is to allow them to get medial help, education and to settle in their own bloody country???

How does this work, and why is John Reid, our tough-talking Home Secretary, such a bloody coward that he cannot stand up to his soft liberal, brown rice eating, comfortable shoes wearing, half witted MP’s and tell them that from now on there is a new Sheriff in town.

If you are not from the UK and before you start writing and telling me to mind my own business or that I am just a bigoted racist, I am an immigrant in this country, thank you. I am, what you would call, an ethnic minority as I am Swedish. So where was I, yes, if you are not from this country, with that I mean born here, you will serve a sentence according to the judge discretion then you will be deported and not as per John Reid suggestion, if you don’t mind being deported?

You bloody will be deported, no questions asked, straight back to where you came from. If you commit a crime then you just lost your rights to live here and if you have gained British citizenship by living here, then it should be revoked and you should be on the next Ryan Air out.

Sorry there is no way around this. No talking to see if you are going to loose a hand or head when you arrive at you deportation destination. You should have thought about that before you committed a crime. This week Britan is talking about it running out of prison spaces. Shoplifting is up by 70%, a 70 year old man in Cornwall managed to stop an assault and held the assailant for 10 minutes until the police arrived, only to be told the criminal was bailed later that afternoon?? A man was wanted in Bristol today because he had given the police an incorrect address, “do not approach him he is dangerous” they said…if he is dangerous and the police had him why on earth is he walking the streets tonight?

Identity cards, what is that all about? Most of us have driving licenses; it got a picture so how many people are we talking about needing to get an identity card…10 – 20 million? Tell everyone that has a paper driving license that they got 2 months to change it to a new photo license…and if they don’t? Screw them…make it illegal to drive without one, fine them, take their car, make it into compost or sell it, do whatever you want teach them a bloody lesson. So if you carry driving license, allowing you drive a bloody car, then that should be good enough to identify you. If you are here on international business, bring you driving your passport, what is the big deal?

So whilst we are running around behind the criminal element, ready to pay them £2,500, if they would like to take up the option to go back to their own country, our elderly and infirm are having to find £2.50 a day for vital medicine…doesn’t it just make you sick?


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