Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Trailer Trash Trio TV

The country is in uproar and Mr Brown, the soon to be elected “Prime Minster”, is being hunted like a dog on the run in Mumbai for antics which is taking place in the Big Brother House in his Greatest Britain of all…

To you whom are not acquainted with the concept it is very simple. You choose people, who are exhibitionist and want nothing more than fame, at whatever price, and put them in into a “house”. Film their every move, like a bad CCTV scenario, and people will watch them…sounds pretty are right it is.

Then to make it "more interesting" add a charitable cause, and replace the “house martins” with celebrities, well really not celebrities, these are people which you have not heard of, since we have yet to start watching "UK Goldest Gold Mach II", but these “celebrities” since they have nothing else to do, are so desperate they will go in to the house and get humiliated, best place for them as Henry would say…all in the cause of a good well meaning a charity, nothing to do with trying to resurrect their fading never lit star…

The concept has taken a dive lately and ratings are so low and then you have the other effect which is that most people are praying that this will be the last season of this nonsense. How wrong we were…This time the geniuses at Endemol, the programme makers, have come up with a cracker. They have placed the epitome of trailer trash in the name of Jade Goody (claim to fame a former “non-celebrity” contestant on big brother), Danielle Lloyd (girlfriend of Terry Sheringham, well atleast until she gets out so he can tell her its over…) and Jo O’Meara (apparently a singer who used to be in a group called S club 7???) in the house with people who can speak languages and appear to be quite normal, in their own way...a recipe for disaster…or top ratings??

The country is in uproar because there are racial slurs from the Trailer Trash Trio against a Bollywood actress. I am surprised over the reactions because the Trailer Trash Trio represents exactly what this country has become…uneducated, stupid, single mothers (like Jade Goody), with intelligence on par with the Greatest Britain government itself…

This country is now fed upon celebrity gossip and tittle tattle with little or mostly no substance to it and then when it hit the screen, there are calls for the programme to be stopped and the contestants in question to be hung drawn and quartered…which I my view would do very little.

I therefore suggest the following three steps to be taken for the Trailer Trash Trio;

Teach them to read and write, always a good start in life.

Teach them respect, whip them if need be.

Educate them in such a manner that they are able to see the faults of their own parents.

More importantly...strangle the bloodline that feeds them, by banning the use of their images in all forms of media.

The above would not just make them better people but it would save us, educated people, from accidentally hearing or reading about their drivel in newspapers and when zapping trying to avoid adverts for cheap loans we don’t need…sign the petition on dubau dabau dabau dot trailertrashtrioeducation dot com...Thank you!

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Anonymous Redskin said...

Mr E,

I am banned from mentioning Celebrity Big Brother by the school playground dads who think it is way too debase wasting the precious 10 minutes banter before the bell. Admitting I've watched it will blight my reputation, even though I argue, it is a mirror to British society. Whatever is uttered in the tedium of the BB House (and it looks as if, on this occasion anyway, the bleeped comments were obsenely rude rather than racist), is nonetheless a playback of what they say on the bus, the Christmas dinner table and in police locker rooms.

In England, we think it's everyone else who's racist, never ourselves. We think people who dare to be a bit different - y'know, wearing cloths on their head, don't speakeee English properly and who cook with ginger. (Imagine! Ginger!) We say 'they need to go home where they came from' (I should know, my father-in-Law is Alf Garnett). And some of the nicest people we ever met were those nice 'Indians' who run the corner shop, from - India .. Somewhere. Probably. It's the same with anyone originating east of Bangladesh. If they have 'slitty eyes' (go Google this term and see who was directing their scorn towards the Chinese), they're probably Japanese because no-one knows where Burma or Taiwan or Laos are located on the planet.

Q: Who do unsavory things with their fingers?
A: Wags and former beauty Barbies from Liverpool!

There's a taste of ignorant, classist, racist bullying for you, but only if you're a Scouser.

Thursday, 18 January, 2007  

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