Monday, February 12, 2007

Chaos....what chaos?

So finally the snow has disappeared and we are getting back to normal again. It has been a difficult week in the Greatest Britain, some 2,000 schools closed, disrupting work for thousands of parents and companies. The kids did not complain as they had one day of snow in which they could play. On Friday last week the snow melted and the kids were told not to come to school because it was unsafe for them at the playground. Yes the children can play sliding down hills in plastic bin bags but they cannot go to school as the school is worried that the little darlings fall over. Also it would be very intesreting to find out how many of the schools which closed, for health and safety reason, have an annual skiing trip?

In addition to the schools we had 6 airports, which shut down for the day, something which baffles me, how come an international airport like Stansted cannot shift 5 centimetres of snow from the runways? Where are all of fees for flying going, not on some tractors with snowploughs that’s for sure…

Then we had the trains, delayed because the points got a bit chilly, traffic grinding to a standstill and news organisations sent their prettiest people out in the snow with winter clothing which would make an Artic explorer proud.

Then inevitably they had to say that “it is treacherous”, the roads are “horrible”, stay indoors do not venture out.

Switch to the supermarket and some gormless gnome was being interviewed in the isle stocking up on milk and bread…he added his wisdom, that it is better to stock up as we don’t know when we will be able to get to the store again…please give me strength…it’s a couple of inches of snow and it will last 48 hours tops…and the temperature which was shown on he weather map in ICEBLUE colour dropped to an amazing -2 centigrade, enough to freeze your birdbath…

So I put another log on the fire and flicked on my laptop (surprised that I still had electricity, because of the adverse weather conditions) and found an article in the Swedish Newspaper Expressen.

A Mr. Göte Jakobsson, age 62, was interview for the newspaper about the current cold snap. Mr Jakobsson said that taking the dog for a walk was a bit nippy. The temperature in the village of Vajmat in Sweden dropped to minus 40.7 degrees centigrade (-41.3 degrees Fahrenheit).

Asked if he thought it was cold he calmly said; well now when I go out I have to put on proper winter clothes…that my friends, is how we deal with adverse weather…

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Blogger The Generic Photographer said...

Yet more proof that we English are feeble: Closed schools, airports, motorways, railways and footie team caretakers who think their centre-circles are in fact within the Arctic-Circle!

And then we hear that the Swedes who leap out from the sauna into -41 degrees C of yellow snow! Is this their own version of an ASBO, or is this for self-indulgence?

Monday, 12 February, 2007  
Blogger SLB Ericson said...

It is for self-indulgence of course

Tuesday, 13 February, 2007  

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