Wednesday, March 14, 2007

HP Sauce is off the menu...!

There are times when I wish we were French, and today is one of those days, because today the British rolled over and admitted defeat…Frederick Gibson Garton and the subsequent owners and marketer Edwin Samson Moore would turn in their grave if they heard that their beloved HP Sauce is moving out of the Greatest Britain to be produced in…HOLLAND!!

This comes just a day after one marquee of Great Britain has been brought back to British ownership, namely Aston Martin…

If Aston Martin fall into foreign ownership there is not much we can do about it, is there? We are hardly going to boycott the car as we were unable to afford it in the first place…and to see half the Premier League footballers out on the streets running around Parliament Square is hardly going to happen either. Can you see Rooney and Beckham with a placard saying bring Aston Back or shouting “Lord, Lord, house of Lord, bring my Aston back from Ford”…not likely mate…

This time we the public have a chance to tell those Heinz boys that we will not put up with their bully antics…and we want it back in the UK. When the French owned it they allowed our guys in Birmingham to produce it…but now after they, the French firm Danone, sold it to Heinz it is being shipped out…to HOLLAND…

What is going to happen with HP Sauce, we have had new flavours introduced, like Chilli, Fruity and the not so successful Curry…what will we see now…HP Tulip flavour? HP Hagelslag? HP Stroopwafel?

Remember that this is nothing against the Dutch, they are lovely people and I have a lot of Dutch friends whom I do not want to antagonise but at the end of the day I suppose that they would not want us to move in and take over Philips do they?
NO it is not right, the same way it is not right for Ford to own Aston Martin, but this time we should follow the lead from the French, lets boycott the bloody lot…lets not buy any HP or Daddies Sauce until Heinz moves production back to the Greatest Britain where it belongs…can you do that? Can you survive? If so, email your friends and tell them…HP Sauce is from now on off the menu…Lets show them that we are British...
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Anonymous Red (ketchup) Sauce said...

If I remember rightly, the ad campaign years ago for HP was "HP Sauce is the Great British Sauce!"
So are you telling me that HP is from now on going to be "HP Sauce is the crap European .. etc?"

At least the Red Arrows are presumably safe from a foreign buy-out - or are they? Imagine them flying over the Holy spire at Disneyland or even worse, over the White House? You wouldn't have another Great British institution like them suffering the same fate as Aston and HP, now would you?

Wednesday, 14 March, 2007  
Blogger SLB Ericson said...

Dear Red Ketchup

Thank you for posting a reply and your concern for the HP Sauce. Well I am not sure that the Reds are safe from a sell out. Perhaps they can be re-sprayed into any nation’s colours and perform on their behalf…but don’t tell Des and Gordon…keep quiet otherwise they pick up on the idea and start flogging the Reds to anyone with a few “dollarinos”.

Back to HP, I found out today that Heinz is going to run a £60M advertising campaign to get HP back into my larder…not a chance mate, no Stroopwafel sauce fro me mate…

Wednesday, 14 March, 2007  

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