Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Inhumane rights

Sweden has some really warped ideas about human rights…you see in Sweden you are not allowed to print a persons name or picture when wanted for a crime. You can only refer to them as male/female, age and where they are from until they have been found guilty of the said crime in a court of law.

It sort of makes it a joke when the country, like The Greatest Britain, is littered with CCTV cameras. I know that there are some police forces in Britain which has taken the decision not to publish the images of criminals as it would infringe their human rights...which I find criminal…

Back to Sweden, on the 16th of February this year a guy (43 years old) as seen in the pictures, high on medication carrying a moose hunting rifle, walked in and robbed a petrol station. Today the press in Sweden released the images of the suspect as he is now facing charges of armed robbery. Now how ridiculous are these images?

Is there any doubt in anyones mind that this guy is not guilty?

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Anonymous Red Ad-Air. said...

Mr E,

This reminds me of Margaret Thatcher instigating the gagging of Sinn Fein officials when appearing before the media during the 80s. Terrorism then was a trifle more domestic (from an historical point of view) then than it is now.

Anyway, HM Government banned their Republican vocals, justifying this as denying a terrorist organisation the 'oxygen of publicity'. What it did infact was to give a few jobbing actors the chance to make a few quid when they simply dubbed their voices onto the silent lips of the official. The law was instantly irrelevant. CCTV is here to stay and you only have to think of Orwell or Asimov to see its future.

Wednesday, 07 March, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In South London where I live they shoot moose with a 1,000 round a minute automatic blaster weapon. It is so effective, the moose have become extinct.

Wednesday, 07 March, 2007  
Blogger SLB Ericson said...

Dear Anonymous

How can possibly eat the Moose after blasting it with a 1000 round a minute automatic weapon? It would be like eating Swiss Mouse Cheese....

Saturday, 10 March, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Monday, 04 June, 2007  
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