Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Don't blame John Logie Baird...

I read an article in the papers where a psychologist has indicated that watching television is going to give you 15 different illnesses, everything you can think of is on the list, some are set out here;

Heart disease
High cholesterol
Cell DNA Mutation

Alzheimer ’s disease
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD

Great isn’t it…

We have now taken away the last outpost for kids to enjoy…Think about it for a second. Before, kids would run around outside until it got dark, drink water from the hosepipe, make go-carts from orange boxes and a couple of old pram wheels, no brakes of course.

We would share an apple between us; sleep outside in tents in summer. If you were lucky you got a penknife, I didn’t, my mum did not agree with knives, so you could carve sticks to play Cowboys and Indians…Kids were taunted, the thin ones got called Biafra, the fat ones got called fatty, kids with glasses “four-eyes”…in the summer we would go to the beach, spend all day with friends in and out of the water, sun block? What’s that?

That is the way things were…kids got hurt, fell off a tree, cut their leg, bruised their arms, they eat proper food, rode their bikes, played sport, and when night came they were so tired they went to sleep…

Today’s kids have a rough ride, and I don’t really blame the kids it is the people who claim to be in charge that make the kids what they are today, parents and “do-gooders” who has been given some form of authority.

Kids can’t go out anymore, because they will be attacked, molested and kidnapped, by people who should be in prison, but they are not because it is inhumane. They cannot climb trees because they will damage the trees thus destroying the climate and we will be flooded, plus more importantly if they fall down the parents will sue the owner of the tree…how can you own a tree? Ride your bike to your friends house…forget it…firstly you will need your helmet, high visibility jacket, lights on the bike, kneepads, locks, gloves and a degree in town planning and the highway code just in case you fall off and injure yourself, so it is easier to stay at home or let you mum drive you over…

Use a hammer or any hand tools are out of the question, just go into any DIY store and look at the warnings attached to every implement sold, it is incredible. On a chain saw I bought and it says in the instructions “do not try to stop chain by using hands”…I have friends which are adults that have never hammer a nail in, cut a plank of wood or used an axe…how is that possible?

So kids are now being driven to school, where they attend classes run on PowerPoint presentations, whilst texting each other on their mobile handsets. Sport or Physical Education is not mandatory and if it is, it only happens every fortnight. Kids stand around and look at each other because they are not allowed to play football or rugby and playing conkers in the autumn is out of the question, it is far too dangerous…

After school activity consists of television, play station and surfing…internet that is, can’t go to the beach because the toxin levels are far too high and water is dangerous… you might drown, and stay out of the sun…

So that leaves our little “darlings” with the list of illnesses set out at the top and whilst our little “autistic, mutant, forgetful, tubs of lard” grows up they start to complain why there are no jobs, so they all get into the legal profession because the suing business is booming and we as a nation will have to start to import skilled workers from poorer nations where they still have the skill set to live…

So don’t blame the television, if you need someone to blame, blame yourself for being so stupid in the first place…

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Anonymous Billy the (Red) Kid said...

Mr E,

You and I have indeed survived a childhood that the Health & Safety Executive might otherwise have outlawed. I have neither broken a bone in my body nor been approached by a stranger although there was a weird woman over the road once who asked me in for muffins which I had the good sense to decline and I'd expect my two young-uns to do the same.

Wednesday, 25 April, 2007  

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