Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Public peeing is on the rise...

It is only the 6th of August and considering the temperatures in Greatest Kingdom of Sweden from the month of October to May the Swedish government has so far in 2007 collected over $250,000 in fines from public urination. So far 2252 people has been fined, quickly moving toward last years record of 3,328 people fined. I am sorry to write about this especially since I know that the Government of the Greatest Britain is an avid reader of my blog and before you know it peeing in the UK will be outlawed...that would be £50 pus VAT (it is of course a luxury to pee) thank you.

The Swedish information does not tell us the breakdown of men vs. women peeing in public…

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Anonymous Pee Wee said...

I notice your picture is of a peeing cherub - probably Swedish. The most famous peeing cherub is the Mannekin Pis in Brussels who has been relieving himself since the 15th century (man, that's one very big bladder).

And talking of Belgium - rather than Sweden - this is one of Europe's most exposed nation of willies with roadside undergrowth and lay-bys being the most frequented locations for Belgian men aiming at a gorse bush (I've never seen women following their menfolk though I hear they pee too). Clearly it is a patriotic duty for them to empty their bladders before reaching their own pissoirs after all that Stella and Maes Pils. Very watery, they are too.

Tuesday, 07 August, 2007  

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