Friday, August 31, 2007

The rain falls...well not...on Spain

Spain…a country of many talents, none of which you can easily mention, but in a world were we are faced with extreme weathers, heat in one end of Europe and flooding in the other, economic boom in one end of the Middle East and fighting and murder in the other…you would think the Spanish would come up with something new and fresh and by God have they???

Did they sit down and find out a way for Fernando Alonso to beat Lewis Hamilton? No.

Did they work out a way to make Sangria more attractive outside Spain? No

Did they make the Seat car sexier for car buyers? No.

Solved cancer? HIV? Re-catalogued all species of flowers? Fuelled a rocket to the moon based on their lovely wine? Solve the financial downturn in the US housing market? Made the cost of staying in Magaluf cheaper? Changed the planning and building laws for foreigners in the Costa Blanca???….NO…NO…and NO

So why is Spain then in the news this week?

You see…Spain has detected a virus which has killed 12 dolphins….
My tuna fisherman kills more than that in a day....

And I thought life was a struggle…..
Ps. Alonso did beat Hamilton...due to a puncture....


Anonymous (Red) Sky Cap said...

I'm gurgling and choking on my Muesli, Mr E. Are you telling me there are 30,000 Swedes in the Greatest Britain? Thirty thousand? What, all here at once rather than 20% in an Easyjet bagage queue? What are they all doing over here, harrumphing over their own breakfast serial or meatballs about David Cameron and 21st Century Swedish Boot Camp?

Tuesday, 11 September, 2007  

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