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The Role of a Parent

When enough is enough…

Following the recent shooting in Sweden, where a farmer after two years of harassment, decided to take the law into is own hands, it has today become quite clear what has been in going on in Rödeby a small community north of Karlskrona.

It is strange that harassment, bullying and mindless bored youths get into the same troubles irrespective of borders, background, language or culture. In this case we have a group of kids…all in and around 15/16 years old who has started to harass a family, using violence, intimidation and the internet to harass. Below is a selection of incidents which has been reported.

They posted the family’s telephone number on a Swedish networking site encouraging people to call; preferably at night, the family reported it to the police. Action taken by the police: None

Their car is vandalised, graffiti sprayed all over it, the family reported it to people with a list of suspects. Action taken by the police: None

The son has his moped vandalised in a theft attempt which is disturbed, when he comes out of a shop a group of youths are hanging around laughing and is taunting him. The family reports it to the police with a few names being forwarded as suspects. Action taken by police: None

The son was out driving his moped when he was hunted down by a gang of other guys on mopeds. The harassed and taunted him; he felt threatened and told the father who reported it to the police supplying them with names. Action taken by police: None

The mother is shopping at the local supermarket and when she tries to exit the car park some youths throw a large bin in front of the car stopping the mother from exiting the car park. The incident is reported to the police. Action taken by the police: None

Then we have the fatal day of the shooting, the father had had enough so he drove into the small town centre to seek out the kids to speak to them about the harassment they have inflicted on his family. Instead of a sensible conversation with the youths, a lot screaming, foul language and continuing harassment ensued so the man left and drove home. Then at 2.30 in the morning the gang arrived at the family home and banged on the door. It was at this time the farmer came out with his shotgun and fired. Result? One dead 15 years old and a seriously injured 16 year old…

I look at the facts as they have been reported and I cannot understand why society today is so reluctant to take charge and deal with incidents when they happen. No matter how small or large the incident is, if it socially unacceptable, the deal with it…

Needless to say that the relatives of the youths have been speaking to the press to say how utterly shocked they are and that their kids are angels…wouldn’t hurt a fly…

Is it time that we start to question the role of the parents and the police in incidents such as this?

It is interesting to read the role of the Swedish police and not feel that this farmer and his family has been let down

The Role of the Swedish Police
The role of the Police is to prevent crime, oversee civil order and safety, seek out criminal activity and investigate such activity.
The Police Law (1984:387) describe the responsibility of the Police accordingly:

As part of society to ensure justice and safety the work of the Police shall be to oversee civil order and safety and ensure public safety and offer assistance.

Responsibility of the Police:

1. prevent crime and other disturbances and ensure civil order and safety
2. protect civil order and safety interferences stop potential disturbances in interfere in such disturbances once they occur or occurred
3. prevent and investigate crime which can be put to a prosecutor
4. provide the public with protection, information and other assistance when applicable
5. fulfil other tasks which falls under the protection of society

Now where is the similar breakdown for the role of the parents?

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Anonymous Red October said...

Mr E,

It sounds as if parents the world over are ignorant of their childrens' potential to cause mayhem and distress to those around the community. But then I'm sort of glad it's not just an English desease; that Swedish parents are also capable of being too busy working or maybe just drunk on Aquavit.

Tuesday, 09 October, 2007  

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