Wednesday, February 28, 2007

High speed high stakes...

There is always a story to tell when there is a Ferrari involved in a high speed police chase and this one is of course not different. Well the ending might be, but let’s wait and see.

Southern Sweden, Ängelhom, a policeman gets a call after quite a few truckers and drivers have spotted two Ferraris on the motorway doing “incredible” speeds and driving dangerously. So in order to prevent an accident he sets out with his colleagues in unmarked policecars and takes up the chase. The Police could not keep up with them as the two Ferraris were driving in excess speeds of 180 mph (300km/h). So our Mr policeman calls ahead and blocks the motorway.

Once the motorway comes to a standstill the two drivers of the Ferraris turn around and start driving back on the same stretch of road now facing oncoming traffic, when the policeman spots them, they drive at him side by side so he tries to block their path using his unmarked police car. One of the Ferraris hit the police car but as it is not badly damaged continues on, in high speed.

Once off the motorway the two Ferraris split up and our brave policeman had to pick one of them to follow. The chase which followed was frightening, with no respect for other vehicles or road users, the Ferrari needed to be stopped and quickly before a serious accident happened.

Our man in blue, managed to get up alongside the Ferrari, as it headed back out on the motorway, and pushed it into the central reservation wedging it under the steel barrier.

When the driver was asked why he didn’t stop and accepted a fine for speeding he simply answered “yes that was pretty stupid wasn’t it?”

The story hit quite a few local papers as you can imagine and you would think that this would be the end of it, but hey no not at all, not in this health and safety conscious world we live in…

Adding a letter to his defence, the driver told the court that he was “unaware” that the pursuing unmarked police car was in fact a police car, well anyone could install blue lights at the front of the car and by a siren, he thought that they were car-jackers or robbers hence his hasty escape procedure…

The result of this letter has caused the Swedish Crown Prosecution to start an investigation into the following charges against the policeman;

Serious misconduct of a senior officer
Dangerous driving
Potential cause of harm to other road users

The Policeman is now retired, could lose his pension if found guilty and it should be noted that both the Ferrari drivers have previous convictions of dangerous driving…welcome to my world…

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