Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Knut has his first kill...!

You must have heard about Knut, the Polar Bear who at birth was rejected by his mother at the Berlin Zoo. His claim to fame was that he was born in captivity, the first one at the Berlin Zoo for over 30 years. His second claim to fame was the some animal rights activists demanded that they should garrotte Knut as he would be too used to humans therefore never be able to be released into the wild as he would not be able to learn how to hunt and kill.

This sparked worldwide condemnation as people liked Knut and did not want to see small white fury boots being made out of his fur and Knut unwillingly became the new poster boy for Berlin Zoo. Germans from all walks of life flocked to the Zoo to see the little star and have the opportunity to take his picture and buy some polar bear paraphernalia. This is where the problems really started. Berlin Zoo does not have the experience, like Disneyland, to handle long queues and this gave Knut his first KILL weighing in at only nine kilogram…

You see the queues to see Knut were too long so the visitors decided to go and see Yan Yan the 22 year old Panda instead, this was the big mistake. Yan Yan, which means beautiful in Chinese, was not used to the attention and the amount of visitors so yesterday Yan Yan became no more. Without warning the Panda croaked it. Shocking its keepers, who at the time was busy caring for Knut…so there we are, the animal rights activists were wrong, Knut does no how to kill….

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