Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pink Cadillac in your drive?

Who is allowed to use the word gay nowadays? I know for sure that anyone who is heterosexual is not allowed to use it and if you do…you’ll get your wrist slapped. I watched the latest episode of Top Gear, now here is a Motley Crew which frequently misuses words, and they drove from Miami to New Orleans in some pretty cheap cars ($1,000 each), setting themselves up for ridicule along the way…in other words a normal Top Gear programme. The beauty of Top Gear is that it does exactly “what it says on the tin”…

One part of their journey was driving through Alabama, strong republican, right wing; sort of don’t mess with the hicks’ kind of town. They painted slogans on their cars in order to see the reaction from the locals…slogans included “Hilary Clinton for President”, “Country and Western music sucks” and finally “Man-Love” on a pick up truck, in pink…then at a petrol stop in deepest South they were stoned by the locals…

I sat back and laughed together with the other 6 million viewers telling Mrs E that tomorrow will bring a lot of complaints from the viewers. But how wrong I was…so far I have not seen a single complaints regarding the episode in question but I did find a complaint against the show regarding a different episode…I know that is not very difficult as they receive at least one complaint for every episode, which is broadcast…why don’t people just switch off rather than sitting there and complain about a programme they don’t like?

So here is the complaint I found on the BBC complaints website

Four viewers complained about a remark in which Jeremy Clarkson referred to a particular car was “gay” which they took being derogatory use of a term for homosexual people…The Executive producer of Top Gear has reminded the presenters and the production team of the importance of avoiding derogatory references to sexual orientation….


Why is it that gay people can call other gay people, gay but heterosexual’s can’t use the term? So I decided to go and have a look if cars are promoted to be gay or not and to, the four viewers who complained, it should come a huge surprise that gay businesses, people trading on the pink pound are using the term referring to cars all the time.

The website About Gay have a list presenting the top gayest cars of 2006;

Gay Professional car - BMW 5 series

Best car for Gay new family - Saab 9-5 Wagon

Best Dragwagon - Kia Sorento

Most likely Down Low Cruiser - Chevrolet Impala

Best Twinkmobile - Mini Cooper

Car Talk have a webpage dedicated to The Ultimate Gay and Lesbian Cars, Gay Wheels claim to be a gay friendly automotive source, whatever that is…

So again with new laws being hammered out by this ever protective government, laws should be for everyone including gays, so get off you high Brokeback Mountain Horse and let us all have a share of the pink pound…and do not forget to laugh every now and then…

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