Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Freedom fighters...freedom for whom?

I am a bit dumbstruck at the lack of action from the international community, when it comes to the despair of the poor people of Zimbabwe. I know that us Swedes can not be standing in the front screaming and shouting at the top of our voices because we…the sensible Swedes…were an ally to Mr Robert Mugabe. Yes I know, it is hard to think that people like the Swedes, who make sensible cars, nice and cheerful furniture’s, would have a friend in Africa called Robert Mugabe, but that it is a fact.

What caused this unlikely link between Sweden and one of the men we most would like to see fed to a pack of Korean starving dogs?

Well in the early 1970’s Sweden was doing extremely well internationally. Export was high import lower than what it is today; remember that this is pre-Brighton 1974 so we can’t use ABBA as measurement of success. No…Sweden was toddling along in its knitted sweaters with long hair, beards and in the summer naked on the beach with all those blonde girls listening to music from the Hootenanny Singers and Hepstars (band members from both groups became B&B in ABBA)…

Politically we had started to irritate people globally, because of a Mr Olof Palme. Mr Palme, who was came from an upper calls background, was in charge of the socialist party at the time. He surged into political fame internationally by cuddling up with Castro, claiming support for the Viet Cong, and perhaps ill advised, he expressed, with his friend, Pierre Schori an up and coming socialist activist, that Mr Mugabe was a freedom fighter who should have his support.

In the 1970’s Robert Mugabe enjoyed frequent visits to Sweden, in fact he called Sweden a “Moral Superpower” and became close friends with Palme and Schori. Palme did his best to be supportive of Mugabe, who became a well liked man in Swedish political circles.

Now some 30 years later Olof Palme, unlike Mugabe, met a premature death at a hand of an assassin in Sweden February 28th, 1986 and Mugabe, the “Freedom Fighter”, is starving his people, terrorising and bankrupting his nation. Mr Pierre Schori (does not sound Swedish but he had Swiss heritage), who clearly is an anti-imperialist and very in favour of China and the then Soviet Union, rose to ranks in international politics and in 2005 he was appointed special representative to the Ivory Coast, by the then UN secretary Kofi Annan.

Schori have had a long career in the left of politics, he was appointed by the European Union as an “observer” in the 2002 Zimbabwe election which did not end to well for our friend as Mr Mugabe, his once very good friend withdrew his visa and chucked him out… He was due to be appointed Administrator to Kosovo, but at that time the US stepped in because of Mr Schori’s left wing attitude.

So Sweden has been doing a lot of meddling in Zimbabwe trying to push its ideology and since this ideology is no longer in government lets hope that the new one has some balls and can put together something which will ensure that Mr Mugabe, get a well overdue retirement somewhere in North Korea…

Or is the lack of action due to the fact that Zimbabwe has no oil? What is that all about…?
Picture from left to right Palme, Schori, Castro, curtsey of CubaNuestra

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