Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are the loonies on the loose....?

It has never occurred to me before…are the loonies on the loose?

Found this very funny piece on the local….

From BillyB, added at the Forum on the Local....

It seems to me that Sweden in general (Stockholm specifically) has a more than average number of crazies on the loose.
I have lived and worked in a few different countries, but
Sweden has significantly more nut jobs than anywhere else.

During a average day i will pass by at least 10 people i would classify as seriously mad.

In the last 4 days alone the specimens i have encountered have included:

A guy running up the Tunnelbana in just y-fronts and stopping to do star jump at stations
A bloke offering me his magic hat in exchange for a can of beer
A woman who says she is a elf and hides in trees
A guy on the train having an argument with a pencil, snapping it, then crying that he killed it
A old chap with childrens plastic windmills in his hair dancing to swan lake at 8am

and many many more...

I think maybe the heat has something to do with it being on the increase right now, but there is still a high amount of insanity all year round..

So..why is this?
Is there just a lack of men in white coats with big butterfly nets to round them all up?

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